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Strip Packing Machine

Strip Packing Machine

JICON STRIP PACKING MACHINE is suitable for packaging each individual tablet or capsule in it own hermetically sealed pocket. The integrity of seal is very high and offers good protection to packaged products thus improving shelf life. Strip packing machine is a double web laminated foil packing machine. Most commonly used foils are ALU – POLY and GLASSINE – POLY foils (0.3 or 0.4 mm thick).

The products from the hopper passes through a stainless steel feeding system and goes to sealing roller cavities where laminated foils, drawn from two rollers, packs and seals the products in a continuous strip. The strip then passes through vertical and horizontal cutter assemblies to deliver the desired sizes of strip packages.

Due to the versatility of the machine, apart from tablets and capsules of all sizes, packing of pins, buttons, ball bearings or similarly sized products is also possible.

We offer machines with output of up to 8 tracks.






Output (Tabs / Min)

400 ~ 600

800 ~ 1200

1200 ~ 1800

1800 ~ 2400

Max. Foil Width

80 mm

140 mm

210 mm

240 mm

Optional: Pre-forming Rollers, Conveyer Belta, Disk Feeding System; DC Variable speed drive

Technical Specifications

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