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Semi Automatic Container Filling Machine (for Creams and Ointments)

Semi Automatic Container Filling Machine (for Creams and Ointments)

A simple and sturdy semi-automatic container filling machine for filling cream, paste, ointment, wax polish, grease, jam, sauce etc. in plastic or tin containers or jars, bottles etc.

Containers like flat tins, bottles are to be manually placed under the filling nozzles. No-Container-No-Fill device will stop the machine if container is not in place. SS jacketed hopper with 2 kw heater and stirrer can be provided as an option to facilitate easy filling of highly viscous products. Filled containers are to be manually removed from machine and replaced with next empty container.


  • Can fill creams of various viscosity
  • No – Container – No – Fill interlock
  • Tail Cutting arrangement after dozing
  • Easy change over from one size to another
  • Fill quantity can be accurately adjusted
  • Fill accuracy up to ±0.5%
  • Simple in operation and maintenance

Compressed Air Requirement: 2 CFM at 6 bar pressure



Fill Range

Out Put


Single Head

5 to 500 ml

10 to 30 per min


Double Head

5 to 500 ml

20 to 60 per min

* Fill Range with interchangeable Filling Syringe of different capacity
# Output depends on fill quantity, material characteristics and operator comfort.

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