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Plunger Pump

Plunger type pumps are essentially ‘Metering Pumps’ and should be considered, first, as precision instruments used to feed accurately a predetermined volume of liquid or semi-solid into a process or system. Their secondary function is to pump, or move or transfer a fluid from one point to another. They contain special adaptation of the conventional positive displacement reciprocating class of pumps, which are designed primarily to transfer fluid at an accurately controlled rate. They differ in that the metering pump’s pumping rates can be varied by changing the effective stroke length.

Metering/Dosing Pump is a high precision, positive displacement, reciprocating Plunger pump designed to deliver controlled volume of product against a positive differential pressure between pump suction and discharge. The pump is designed to perform this function with precision and reliability with a repetitive accuracy +- 3% and steady state accuracy of +- 1% of mean delivered flow.

The pump consists of a drive unit with built in gear which reduces the drive motor speed to pump design speed. This rotary power is converted to a linear motion through a crank mechanism. The Linear motion developed by the crank is transferred to plunger through cross head enabling it to Reciprocate in a Liquid Head and deliver controlled volume of liquid with each discharge stroke.

The pump is available for various flow rates depending on the customer’s requirement and product viscosity.

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