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Ointment Manufacturing Plant Manufacturer in India

Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Ointment Manufacturing Plant

Automatic Ointment / Cream Manufacturing Plant is used to prepare medicated homogenised emulsion of Wax and Water to a particular formulation. It is useful for manufacturing of creams, ointments, pastes and gels for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

It consists of 3 vessels:

a) Jacketed Water Phase Vessel of adequate capacity according to batch size of the product to heat the water to a specified temperature according to formulation.

b) Jacketed Wax Phase Vessel to melt wax of required formulated quantity to specified temperature.

c) Molten wax and hot water then transferred by Vacuum to Jacketed Main (Reactor) Vessel through filter and the pipe lines laid in the plant, Medicinal ingredients according to formula of the formulation added, then processed at constant temperature under 400 mm Vacuum with continuous stirring, homogenized till it becomes an emulsion with consistent viscosity.

Heating can be Electrical / Steam / Thermic Fluid.

Plant Capacities ranging from 50kg to 1000kg can be manufactured.

All contact parts are made of superior quality SS 316 / SS 316 L grade stainless steel material, other non-contact parts are made out of SS 304 material. Jackets are made out of M.S., cladded with SS 304. This meets GMP standards.

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