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Induction Cap Sealing

Induction Cap Sealing

Induction sealing is a simple and reliable method of bottle sealing. It welds an aluminum foil seal across the neck of the bottle. The advantages of such kind of sealing are:

  • Prevents product leakage
  • Provides tamper evidence
  • Improves product shelf life due to the excellent barrier properties of the foil and its airtight seal onto the container
  • Retains product freshness for longer
  • Provides Pilferage Protection
  • Improves pack presentation and customer acceptance
  • Quick sealing – takes between one to two seconds per bottle, depending on cap size

Features of the machine:

  • Unique Water Less Technology – the only successful Air Cooled Machine in the market. Eliminates the need for water chillers and water circulation systems
  • Without output Transformer
  • AFC Coil for Better flux
  • Improved Head Stand Design
  • High Speed Uniform Sealing
Technical Specifications

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