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Inline High Shear Dispersion Homogenizer

The homogenizer is often necessary to mix one or more substances within a liquid. This device allows to micronize and scatters the particles suspended in the fluid, so that the product become highly stable, no matter the followings treatments and stockings the products may undergo. The homogenizer delivers unparalleled consistency and control of high shear process applications such as, Immiscible Phase Emulsifying, Homogenizing, Wet Grinding, Texturing, Deagglomeration and Fine Dispersing.

The product arrives to the homogenizing at a low speed and at high pressure (cause by the little gap between the passing head and collision head). During the passage the product is subjected to numerous forces which cause the particles micronization: a violent acceleration followed by an immediate deceleration that produces cavitations and then the globules explosion. Strong turbulence united to high frequency vibrations. Collision cutting strengths derived from the laminar passage between the homogenizing valve surfaces and the following impact with the collision ring.

In-Tank Homogeniser

These machines help in achieving uniform particle size by applying pressure and stress. Homogenizers are extensively used in pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing medicinal creams and lotions of required texture. The Homogenizers ensure products with higher stability and longer shelf life.

A solution or suspension is introduced in the homogenizing equipment, which is forced through a special valve at extremely high pressure. The large particles are reduced into homogeneous small size particles. High pressure Homogenizers ensures efficient use of active ingredients while reducing the cost of production.

Technical Specifications

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