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High Speed Automatic Blister Packing Machine - BLISTRIP-II

High Speed Automatic Blister Packing Machine - BLISTRIP-II

BLISTRIP–II is a high speed automatic blister packing machine for packing of smaller and regular shaped solid articles such as pharmaceutical tablets, capsules, dragees etc., in blister packs using PVC-Alu packaging materials. The Blister Forming, Product Feeding and Sealing operations are continuous by rotary motion while the indexing and punching operations are of intermittent reciprocating motion.The output capacity of the machine depends on the product characteristics. In case of slightly curved or flat tablets up to 10mm dia an output of 300 packs per minute can be optimally achieved.

Features :

High speed, High production, Cost effective

  • Combi packs possible for better utilization of capacity and packaging materials
  • Edge – to – edge cutting to eliminate trim waste between packs
  • Special tool design reduces trim waste
  • Continuous blister forming at low temperature by contact heating system
  • All change over parts and adjustments accessible from front side
  • In-built water chiller as standard
  • Easy and quick change over reduces material wastage and down time
  • Simpler operation reduces operator fatigue – increases output
  • Extended guide track can accommodate up to four feeders to produce multi-product kit packs


Max. Web Width 210 mm
Max. Forming depth 10 mm (Expandable up to 20)
Max. output: Packs/Min 300 (2 UP), 450 (3 UP)
Max. Strokes/Min 150

Efficiency: Our Competence and experience in package design ensures optimum utilization of machine capacity to give highest possible output as well as minimum possible packaging material consumption.

Performance: Simplicity of design with careful placement of various stations giving operator full vision and total control of all principal functions of machine that enhances performance.

Reliability: Solid structure and sturdy components together with easy to set up and maintain mechanism ensures maximum availability. Quick and easy change over from one format to another improves productivity to

Technical Specifications

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