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De-Blistering Machine - BLISTPOP

De-Blistering Machine - BLISTPOP

BLISTPOP is a simple machine to recover tablets / capsules / dragees from damaged or incomplete blister packs. A damaged or incomplete pack is inserted between two guides and pushed manually inside.

Three adjustable wheels grips and draws the pack under a rubberized roller. The rubber roller presses down on the blister cavities-pushing out the product. The machine is adjustable to suit most pack sizes. The machine is suitable to open aluminum  foil as well as glassine foil. Opened product is collected in a box and packaging material is collected at the back.

The machine is universal type and does not need any change- over parts. By proper adjustments of wheels, guides and pressure of rubber roller a high rate of recovery can be achieved.

Machine is constructed from stainless steel and is mounted on castor wheels.

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