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Automatic Tube Filling Machine Manufacturer in India

Automatic Tube Filling Machine

Automatic Tube Filling Machine

ATF-I is designed to fill and seal aluminium / lami / plastic tubes at high speeds. The machine is suitable mainly for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industry. Machine can be used for filling of cream, ointment, gel, paste, balm and other similar viscous products by means of a volumetric dosing system.

The machine is of fully enclosed construction with a rotary index table and single filling head.

Jicon Industries are leading Pharmaceutical Machines Manufacturers and Exporters in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Turkey, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Russia, United States of America, El Salvador.

Machine is available in 3 configurations –

  • for aluminium tubes
  • for lami / plastic tubes
  • for alu + lami tubes
Construction Fully enclosed
Operation System Single Head, Rotary Index Table
Output 2400 tubes per hour for lami tubes
3000 tubes per hour for alu tubes
Tube Diameter Minimum 12 mm to maximum 35 mm for alu, maximum 50 mm for lami
Tube Length Minimum 50 mm to maximum 220 mm
Tube Loading Automatic through a tube holding tray (tray – also known as ‘ tube loading hopper ’ – to be manually loaded)
Tube Orientation Automatic, electronically controlled
Tube Cleaning By compressed air blow
Product Hopper S.S. 304, 50 liters capacity. {Water jacket with electrical heating and hot water circulation pump optional}
Product Agitator Slow speed agitator for stirring of product in hopper as an option
Filling Nozzle Fixed nozzle, with tube lifting at filling station – to lift up the tube so that nozzle gets inserted inside tube while filling. {Diving nozzle optional}. NO−TUBE−NO−FILL system incorporated.
Tail Cutting By suck-back method (to prevent dripping after filling operation)
Dozing Range a) 3 to 30 ml
b) 30 to 100 ml
c) 100 to 250 ml
Tube Sealing By hot air tool for plastic and lami tubes
By double fold and crimping tool for aluminium tubes
Batch Code Embossing In sealing jaws for plastic / lami tubes and in crimping jaws for alu tubes
Trim Waste Collected in a container on machine
Tube Ejection Automatic, through a discharge chute for collection

Technical Specifications

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