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Automatic Capsule Filling Machine Manufacturer in India

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine - ENSULE

Automatic Capsule Filling Machine - ENSULE

ENSULE is a Fully Automatic Capsule Filling machine to fill powder in the form of slug in hard gelatin capsules. These are high speed, high performance machines that incorporates latest international design and is built with precision using most appropriate materials and up-to-date manufacturing systems. Different models are available for various output requirements. This machine is also capable of filling pellets and tablets for flexibility of multiple dosage combination such as powder+pellets+tablet. It is an extremely durable and reliable machine that fills dosages to the highest accuracy and is capable of filling all sizes from #00 to #5 of capsules. It is also easy to clean and meets GMP standards.

Features :

  • PLC & Touch Screen controlled machine
  • Product handled: powder as standard. Pellet and tablet feeding devices optional
  • Compact ,sturdy and meets cGMP standard
  • Suitability for capsule size: 00, 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 - with size changeover
  • Dozing System: Tamping (slug formation through progressive compression)
  • Quick & easy fill weight adjustment
  • Tamping System for powders ensures accurate fill weight - accuracy of ± 2%
  • Powder sensor maintains constant level of powder in the dosing chamber
  • Audio alert on capsules running low in hopper
  • Variable speed AC drive for main motor ensures speed adjustmen

Technical Specifications:

Model ENSULE–750 ENSULE–1500 ENSULE–2000
Rated Output (powder) 45,000 per hour 90,000 per hour 120,000 per hour
Rated Output (pellets) 35,000 per hour 70,000 per hour 95,000 per hour
Electrical Connection 415 V, 3 Ph AC + N + Earth (other voltage on request)
Power Consumption (inclusive of drive, vacuum pump & ADU) 6.5 kw 8 kw 8 kw

Position wise functional sequence

  • Empty Capsule loading and separation
  • Empty Capsule loading and separation
  • Tablet Filling (optional)
  • Tamping style Powder Filling (standard)
  • Pellet or Tablet Filling (optional)
  • Ejection of un-separated capsule
  • Idle
  • Capsule closing
  • Discharge of filled capsules
  • Segment cleaning

Operational Functions:

Empty Capsule Loading And Separation Assembly

The function of Capsule Loader is to orient the empty capsules with “Cap up and body down” by rectifying mechanism and to load them into the upper segment of Turret. The vacuum under the lower segment separate the capsule body into the lower segment hole from the capsule cap. The capsule cap remains inside the upper segment.

Turret Assembly

The Turret has a rotating indexing motion. It has 10 pairs of cap and body holder segments with the cap holder segment located above the body holder segment. Main function of the turret is to transport Capsules from one station to another station. During the dwell period of indexing various operation related to capsule filling are performed. The operations are:Empty Capsules loading to the segment plate, opening of capsules, filling of powder, ejection of un-separated capsules, closing of capsule, discharge of filled capsules and segment cleaning. Fully enclosed structure protects the moving components from dust contamination.

Tamping Type Powder Filling Assembly

Powder is supplied into the dosing chamber by the augur inside the powder hopper. The height of powder bed in powder tub is maintained by the powder sensor, which activates the augur inside the powder hopper when the level of powder lowers than desired level.

Powder is tamped into the dosing disc at five tamping stations and the formed slugs are transmitted into the capsule bodies positioned under the dosing disc by transfer pins at the sixth station.

Fill weight is adjusted by penetration of the tamping pin with the knob on the tamping pin holder.

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Dust Collector Unit

Dust collector unit or air displacement unit is used for removal of un-separated capsules and powder dust from the machine.

Technical Specifications

Flow : 2800LPM
Motor: 3.0 kw

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