Auger fillers are volumetric powder filling machines that are most suitable for filling free flowing and semi free-flowing powders into any type of container. They are faster and more consistent when it comes to handling fine, free flowing powders, than weigh filler. The different models can cover a filing range from 100 mg to 500 grams with filling speed from 900 fills to 2500 fills per hour.

In this machine a vertically rotating auger (or screw) doses out a required quantity of powder directly in to a pouch or a container. The quantity of powder dosed out depends on the auger diameter, the pitch of the auger and the number of times the auger rotates inside the hopper. An electronic solid state feed controller which is plugged into the machine, controls the auger revolutions and thus the dose. By interchanging augers and funnels the filling range can be spread out nearly 10 times from minimum to maximum.

This machine is available in two models – automatic conveyorised model for faster processing with less man-power; and a semi automatic model for lower output requirements.


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