Pharmaceutical Tablet Compression Equipment, also popularly known as tablet presses.
We offer Single rotary and double rotary tablet presses ranging from 6 to 71 stations, giving an output ranging from 10,000 to 280,000 tablets in an hour.

Principle: This machine employs compression force to compact granules into the desired shape, inside a cavity (die) between a set of upper and lower punches.

Basic Mechanism: Sets of tooling (Die Upper & Lower punch) are arranged in circular cavities on a rotating turret. Each punch set is subjected to a cycle of lowering and rising.

This facilitates:

  • A process of filling up the die cavity with the granules,
  • Compressing it and
  • Ejecting the compressed tablet.

No. Of Stations: unit is available in station ranging from 6 to 71 stations. Units are available with single sided compression unto 23 Station, and Double Sided from 23 stations to 71 stations.)



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