The machine comprises of three sections:

  • FEEDING SECTION: this section comprises of a SS hopper and SS vibratory bowl feeder with powder collector. Some amount of excess powder gets collected in the SS collector because of vibration. This vibratory feeder feeds capsules on a conveyor belt.
  • INSPECTION SECTION: this is a variable speed conveyor belt. Capsules fed from Feeding Section moves along this belt and while moving they revolve around their axis due to angular guides provided on the belt. This section is illuminated from above, facilitating easy visual inspection by an operator to manually sort out defective capsules.
  • POLISHING SECTION: capsule polishing is done in two stages – each comprising of a Stainless Steel tubular chamber fitted with a filter cloth, a revolving variable speed spiral nylon brush, Stainless Steel powder collector and vacuum dust collector. Capsules are fed into first stage polisher by inspection belt. Here the capsules are moved along tubular chamber by rotating spiral brush. As the capsules move, they are subjected to roll and wipe between nylon bristles and filter cloth. In this course the powder on capsules and at the edge are removed and sucked by vacuum dust collector. Capsules are then fed into the second stage polisher where this process is repeated. Capsules discharged from chute are thoroughly polished, glossy and clean.

Output: 40 – 60 Thousand Capsules per Hour


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